Whoever said, “Nice guys finish last” obviously never met Kevin Pearce. This 20-year-old Vermont local asked politely if he could kick a hole in the snowboarding contest scene this season and apparently the answer was yes. Kevin has been on fire since he strapped his board to his fee and took first at the 2007 Oakley Arctic Challenge, and that victory started a winning spree that not even Nostradamus could have predicted. To sum it up, the TTR is a world ranking system that consists of all independently run snowboarding events, which are ranked, on a one to six star basis. Six Star events count for the most TTR points, and of all your TTR finishes; you six highest place finishes determine your TTR year-end result. In Lehman’s terms, you have to be on fire all year long and win a lot of events to claim the TTR World Title.

Kevin TTR world title race began in July at the Abominable Snow Jam where he claimed 2nd in the Halfpipe. From there Kevin went straight into a 1st place winning spree claiming the Air and Style in Munich, Burton European Open Halfpipe, Air and Style Quarterpipe in Austria, the 2008 Oakley Arctic Challenge in Norway, and ending this spree with a 3rd place halfpipe finish this past weekend at the US Open in Vermont. When asked about this season and his success on the road, Kevin replied, "This season has been intense at times with all the traveling and crazy contests, but when it’s all said and done I am super stoked to have won the TTR Title."

When you look at Kevin’s TTR world tour finishes, it is extremely impressive, but one thing not mentioned above is Kevin’s 2008 X-Games success. Kevin was the only competitor to compete in three major events at X-Games this season including Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air. What’s more impressive then that is the fact that he was on the podium at each of these events! To say this has been an amazing season for Kevin Pearce would be an understatement; it has been a history-making season.

So all of you “nice” people out there who think because you say “please” and “thank you” means you can’t be numero uno should take a page out of the Kevin Pearce Handbook. You’ll notice on page 2008 it says, “Nice guys finish first”. Thanks Kevin, go get some rest.

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Chris Hotell


March 24, 2008