KP Defends Crown


As the announcer screamed something in Norwegian the crowd of over 5,000 fans all stood on their feet and cheered as their Viking Snowboard God, Terje Haakonsen dropped in for his final run of the day. Haakon straight lined into the Quarterpipe and soared above the eight-meter mark almost mimicking his record setting 9.8 meter backside 360.

For those of you who watched the footage on you know first hand how amazing this day was for the snowboard community. Even now it is hard to put into words the experience The Oakley Arctic Challenge final day delivered, it will go down in the record books as one of the best branded Oakley events ever. From the banners to the store booth to the height meter sword to the VIP tent to the team riders, Oakley was everywhere.

Simple put this was Oakley Snowboarding in its element… bringing the “A” game and delivering ten-fold.

Okay enough about how amazing the event was for Oakley; the riding was on another level with KP’s double grab 7 meter McTwist, Peetu Piiroinen’s 7.5 meter air and so many other insane tricks. The legend, Terje Haakonsen and stylemaster, Nicolas Muller had their McTwists on lock down, including Nico’s two solid attempts at one-footed McTwists.

Shayne Pospisil freaking killed it, he was the only rider to land all five of his finals tricks, he was the only one to do a different trick on all five runs and spun frontside and backside. Posipisil was on FIRE, coming off his win in Aspen earning the ticket to TAC 2008. This contest result will only increase Shayne’s growing impact on the snowboard industry.

But in the end it was Oakley’s Kevin Pearce who stole the show with his insane bag of tricks with 7 meter airs coming in the variety of backside 720s and double grab McTwists. Kevin was definitely stoked to defend his crown at The Oakley Arctic Challenge and was nice enough to buy several of us at Oakley drinks at the Closing Party where more blonde haired Norwegian girls surrounded the contest crew and athletes.

Big thank you to the entire TAC and Oakley crews for putting together an amazing event and the riders for showcasing true professional snowboarding!

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Matt Murray


February 24, 2008