The Time of My Life


Marty Kudelka is one of the best choreographers in the world. He is directing Justin Timberlake’s show and I met him while I was in NYC this month. I have always loved dancing—it’s the one thing I have always had a passion for, but never got the chance to get into. Aside from at parties, but that’s another story…

So here I am, in English Town, at the Icon Dance Complex for my very first dance class from the best dancers in the world! Nick Bass taught the first class, and he was way too good! I wasn’t able to follow a single move, but I was loving it! So I stayed for Sky Hoffman’s class and and that one was dope! He taught us some moves of Locking, which is a super fun 70’s west coast form of dance. If you can picture a bunch of dudes with huge pants up their chest with suspenders exaggerating all of their moves, you get the general idea. Basically, it’s fun! I got lucky in this class because Dana Wilson, another pro dancer, was right next to me and I could mimic her every move. It was my favorite class of the day!

I stepped to the side when Marty’s class started—it was quite impressive to see all these people following his crazy moves!

Marty’s got insane skills for sure! Turns out he loves snowboarding too. He went skiing for the first time when he was 25 years old at Big Bear Mountain. He remembers hauling ass through the entire park and not knowing any other way to stop than crashing! He learned how to turn and how to slow down and two days later, he decided to try snowboarding. It was interesting and fun and ever since, Marty has been riding sick spots like Mammoth and Whistler and even Scotland.

Thanks for the good times, Marty!

-Anne-Flore Marxer


Staff Writer


August 22, 2007