Craven Takes "The Shakedown"


The Empire Shakedown Snowboard contest goes down in the Oakley history books for the third year in a row.

Starting with Matt Dano (HTT) winning 2005 and Sebastien Toot’s (eyewear) winning in 2006 Calgary native Dustin Craven (HTT) Oakley Snowboarder throws down for 2007. This year was also a winner takes all contest so there is no 2nd or 3rd with the course consisting of a cheese wedge kicker into a very well designed handrail course that mimicked the front of an Empire Snowboard Shop.

In the finals Oakley had Dustin Craven, Jeremy Cloutier, Matt Dano, Yan Dofin and Sylvain Beauschene among 11 other riders to battle it out for the winner takes all $15,000.

Riders were given 90 minutes to ride the course as many times as they could but needed to claim the two runs they wanted judged.

Tricks in the judged runs were also all predetermined and riders were docked points for not throwing down the predetermined tricks. So in regular, Dustin Craven fashion right off the bat first hit, first run Dustin gets a judged run. With little practice Dustin threw down a frontside 1080 melon grab on the kicker to a 50-50 front 3 off the rail. No hands down smooth and done with style no one else could touch it for the next 90 minutes. There were many impressive runs but Dustin came in with a lot more confidence and it showed in his run.

Craven calmed the $15,000 in front of thousands of people and hundreds of camera and media.


Staff Writer


April 09, 2007