Oakley Women Shine at Copper Grand Prix


The winter’s first snowboard halfpipe contest, Grand Prix at Copper, saw Oakley teammates Maddy Shaffrick and Queralt Castellet, standing side-by-side on the podium in second and third place, respectively.

It had been two years since Maddy last made a Grand Prix podium, but the 17-year from Steamboat Springs, Colorado has decisively left the past behind her. She has returned to the Grand Prix circuit with a winning ambition and the skills to make her dreams a reality. Case and point: the fierce Haakonflip and fluid style that got her the scores she needed to rise to second place.

For Queralt, the standout international competitor and only non-American to podium, the solid frontside 9 that secured her third place finish also bumped her into second position in the Women’s Halfpipe World Tour Rankings behind rankings leader and the competition’s victor, Kelly Clark.

Spectators witnessed a plethora of big floating airs as well as highly technical tricks with a dizzying frequency, but the real show stopper of the event was the introduction of Kevin Pearce. The long time Oakley rider, who was favored for Olympic halfpipe glory before suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2009, was on hand to provide commentary, but it was clear that his presence meant a lot more to both the competitors and the crowd.

On all accounts the contest was a great start to the season. Be sure to keep up with both Maddy and Queralt as these girls are just getting started!


Elishia Matta


December 19, 2011