Hollingsworth, Mittermuller and Schneider Podium at Steel and Sky Rail Jam


Phoenix, AZ (Monday, Jan. 15, 2007)

Oakley’s 15 year-old Ellery Hollingsworth took top honors at this past weekend’s Vail Session Steel and Sky Rail Jam. The set up of this course was amazing, and can really only be described as a skate park in the snow. Ellery’s win was definitely attributed to her amazing skateboard skills and being able to transfer that to her snowboard. She edged out her competition and took home her first pro contest win. Ellery shared the stage with Oakley teammate Silvia Mittermuller who finished in 3rd place.

The men’s division saw Oakley’s TJ Schneider take the 2nd place spot. TJ was on fire all night. So many features involved with this rail jam course, riders had to be consistent while riding all the different features for variation.

This event is very unique due to the fact that they give money away to athletes every 15 minutes during the 1 hour jam session. TJ’s unique and creative approach to snowboarding, allowed him to adapt to the format and take home money in almost every 15 minute section of the 1 hour jam.