Bang Scales The Great Wall of China

Mikkel Bang Scales The Great Wall of China

So this is Mikkel Bang’s first time ever to China and this kid was stoked to go before I even called him up to plan out the trip. So we ended up flying two full days before everyone else planned to arrive, to not only do some killer sightseeing, but also to get acclimated from the heavy jetlag of flying from Norway! Mikkel put it best, “I don’t wanna be sleepy when I’m hitting a massive Air + Style kicker…”

Back to yesterday’s adventure to the Great Wall. Things first kicked off with a dope Audi A6 limo ride to the Wall in Matinanyu and the people watching on the way up to the drop zone was amazing. We arrived at the Wall and there were no people, actually the first people we ran into were a bunch of Swedish girls and Mikkel was fast to start the conversation. But they were not that interested in the Norwegian snowboard star; I guess they don’t know what is good for them.

Along the Wall a huge fog had rolled in and socked in the view, and it was extremely cold, but just the feeling of being at the historic location made the day really cool. After being hustled by a bunch of 70 year old ladies on the way down, Mikkel ended up buying a lot of things he did not need.

Mikkel ended the day with a proper quote, “I am finally a man after climbing the Great Wall of China!”

Words and Photos by Lasse Andersen