All The People Said, “Cheers!”…Snowboard Movie Premier Week Kicks off at Oakley’s Interplanetary Headquarters


It was a mellow night at Oakley’s Interplanetary Headquarters…but oh-so-rockin’.

A ‘loungey’ atmosphere and feel was the theme of the Snowboard’s world’s grand kickoff of a week packed with movie premiers in Southern California. The who’s who of the industry converged on Foothill Ranch to celebrate the People Crew’s (People Creative) “Cheers” film in all its glory.

From the stars of the flick (Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Seth Huot, Aaron Biittner, Joe Sexton, Lauri Heiskari, Mikey Rencz, Zac Marben, Eero Niemela, Curtis Cizsek and Shaun McKay), Oakley team members/star athletes, snowboard media to an assortment of team managers and other industry personalities, attendees took in some chill tunes, grabbed some Oakley-branded popcorn, a couple of beverages (including extreme “Shave Ice”) – and mingled amongst a set of stylin’ couches.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for (made even more interesting with the fact that the film had and still has no teaser). After some hobnobbing and elbow-rubbing, the mob cruised into Oakley’s spaceship-looking theatre to scope out the much-anticipated movie. Oakley Sports Marketing guru Matty Swanson did the intro speech – then the men behind the camera (or should we say, People behind the camera – hardy har) set it all off.

And it was quite the funky spectacle that everyone thought that it was going to be. With a sick selection of diverse music from different genres, street action, considerably bad (and entertaining) crashes, candid moments, utter rippage and arguably cheesy special effects (including computer-generated explosions), the combination of the shredding and humor made for a good time.

Jeremy Jones opened the film – while Joe Sexton rocked the ending, big time. And the rest of cast killed it in between – including Oakley’s own Aaron Biittner/JP Walker and teammates. Big action from Mt. Hood had the audience in awe, while candid moments of a royally pissed off Joe Sexton breaking his boards after some crashes, had the audience rolling (at his expense).

Let’s not forget the scenery. No surprise here, but it was pretty awesome with shots from B.C. (Canada), Minnesota, Sweden, Finland, Tahoe, Washington, Oregon and Utah. And there were plenty of gnarly moments with slo-mo replays that we wouldn’t mind replaying.

Once the movie ended, the crowd continued to mingle – enjoying good company, the scenery and the overall feel. Oakley athletes from other action sports – like Greg Lutzka, Tom Erik Ryen, Tyler Hendley were also in the house to show their O support. With the chill vibe in the air (read: not a rager), attendees continued to enjoy the insanely awesome headquarters building that is Oakley…until the badarse O security team booted everyone out, that is.

Yet another amazing snowboard movie premier in the books. Not only was it a great way to kick off a week full of industry premiers – but a great celebration of Oakley’s continuing leadership role in Snowboarding.