Premiere: "The Community Project"


How did Oakley get 3000 people and a clown on stilts to come to their massive movie premiere carnival party? It was easy; we gave them Free Red Bull Vodka’s, and “In and Out Burgers” while showing the highly anticipated world premiere of the Oakley Snowboard film “The Community Project” …or maybe it was the ferris wheel. Either way, nobody could have ever anticipated the all out mayhem that spawned a simple invitation that was sent out across the entire world: For a good time, come to Oakley on September 7th.

With an instant crowd at 7pm sharp, it was apparent that this was going to be better then we expected. There were herds of people stationed around the open bars, and those who weren’t were either making out in the love sac lounge or beating up their friends in the joust pit. The real party started at around 8:30pm, when Travis Rice, JJ Thomas, Zach Leach, and Kyle Clancy, showed up with film makers Rich Goodwin and Curt Morgan in helicopters.

They were straight off the helicopter and into the party. After most of the star-studded cast from “The Community Project” made their way down the red carpet and into the factory. Their next destination was Oakley’s Private Theater where the movie was debuting on one of the three movie screens. It didn’t matter if you were one of the 500 people inside the theatre or one of the 2500 people watching on the huge screen outside; the reaction was the same; the movie went off.

Just because the movie was over didn’t mean the party was. Right when the projector stopped it was back to the open bars and the very danceable music of DJ Ted Shred. With the party going at full speed until around 1am, it was amazing that Oakley was left standing. In the end, the mission for the night was the same as the on going mission of the movie; bring the whole snowboarding community together and have the most fun possible, and whether it was filming in the backcountry or drinking way to much at the movie premiere it was definitely a mission accomplished.

It’s amazing to think this was just the first stop of “The Community Project” movie premiere world tour. To watch footage of the movie premiere debauchery, go to and look at the movie premiere section.

“The Community Project”