Oakley Athletes Take Top Honors At 2010 RIDE Shakedown


Marc McMorris and Megan Ginter took top honors at the 2010 RIDE Shakedown on Saturday at Mont Saint-Sauveur. Oakley’s McMorris, a native of Regina, Saskatchewan and only 16 years-old, will go home with the $12,000 purse. Oakley’s Sébastien Toutant (L’Assomption, Quebec), champion of the 2009 RIDE Shakedown, secured second place and $3,000 in prize money. All four amateurs that qualified on Friday managed to secure a spot in the finals to conclude a fantastic two-day competition that attracted a crowd of nearly 25,000 spectators.

The women’s finals consisted of the top 5 riders from the semis with Oakley’s Megan Ginter (Carnation, Washington) claiming first place and a $5,000 prize while Oakley’s Alexandra Duckworth, originally from Nova Scotia and currently residing in Kingsburg, California, finishing third and won $2,000.

“I didn’t ride as well as I wanted, and I missed my first run in the semis. But then, I got back on track for my second run and I finished first,” explained McMorris, who impressed the judges with his Backside 1080 Double Cork on the Big Air and his Frontside Blunt slide 450 Out on the Flat Bar. “I went into the finals feeling pretty confident. I landed the same tricks and it paid off! It’s great standing on the podium with my friends and fellow riders. I’ll definitely be back next year!”

As for Megan Ginter, she took a major gamble by being the first female snowboarder in the history of the RIDE Shakedown to perform a 720 on the Big Air, followed by a 5050 Frontside 180 Out on the Flat Bar rail.

“I’m thrilled! said the 22-year-old champion. “The competition itself is so much fun, not to mention the great atmosphere here. It’s a bit more laid back than regular slopestyle, so it’s a great opportunity to really let loose and give it your all. One thing is sure: I’m coming back in 2011.”