Charles Reid Wins US Open Black & Night Rail Jam


Under the lights of Burton’s US Open at Stratton, Vermont the rail jam was back in a big way. An event that has been absent for years, and in 2010 Snow Park Technologies created an amazing multi rail and transition feature that up to 6 riders could shred at one time. Judges were looking for the riders to focus on execution, difficulty, and progression throughout their runs to get the best scores.

The massive rail jam included boxes, rails, mini-quarterpipes, gaps, and a lift tower feature that was a crowd pleaser. New this year was the option to ride up and down the features giving the riders plenty of options to impress the crowd and judges.

Oakley’s Charles Reid, Seb Toutant, Mark McMorris, Shaun Murphy, Brandon Reis, Sam Hulbert, and Jeremy Cloutier represented the O under the bright lights at Stratton.

From the beginning it was almost impossible to figure out what was going on, as it was chaos on the features. With the riders taking every line possible to get their tricks down for the judging panel. Charles, Murphy, and Reis were the early standouts and continued to bounce around the top 5 spots in the 90-minute jam format.

It was Oakley’s Charles Reid that outlasted the other riders and wowed the crowd with huge hits on the quarterpipe, stylish rail tricks, and just an overall urge to hike faster and go bigger than everyone. His hard work paid off earning him $10,000 and the first place honor of winning the US Open rail jam.

Men’s Rail Jam Final Results

1. Charles Reid (CAN): $10,000 Oakley Eyewear

2. Tim Humphreys (USA): $5,000

3. Shaun Murphy (USA): $2,500 Oakley Grass Roots Eyewear