Australian Pipe and Park Masters

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The 2006 Playstation Pipe & Park Masters Presented by Oakley was held at Perisher Blue in the NSW snowfields August 22nd & 23rd. It was two great days at Perisher, where 10 skiers and 10 snowboarders took part in the 4-disciplined event (Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Big Air and Rail jam).

Day 1 – Was held on the front valley at Perisher with the Snowboarders taking to the Slopestyle course and the skiers heading to the Halfpipe. The day was a bit overcast, but some sunny breaks did pop through. A couple of standouts for the skiers were the Wells brothers from New Zealand, Jossi and Byron. The boys were going big in the Halfpipe and also impressing the other riders on the Slopestyle course in the afternoon. The standouts on the snowboard side were Benny Bright and Mitch Allan. They were both nailing great runs on the Slopestyle and using the whole 2-hour jam session in the Halfpipe to show their stuff.

Day 2 – Was a perfect sunny day for the last 2 events: The Big Air and Back Country Rail Jam. The Skiers headed off on a little hike to the Rail Jam in the morning. The Rail Jam was about a 10-15 minute walk from the Perisher skiing boundary. On the Monday before the event the entire day was spent setting up rails, boxes and little jibs in the area. The way the course was laid out, the riders could come out and make up their own lines to take and basically have fun with what the natural terrain had to offer. Oddy Graham was the biggest stand out of the skiers. Russell Holt showed the snowboarders that he was the man in the back country rail jam. The Big Air was held on front valley; but due to the lack of snow it was a pretty basic big air competition. Jossi Wells was the best of the skiers. In the snowboarders there was a bit of carnage in the big air, with Chris Boadle breaking his arm in 4 places and Mitch Allan breaking his tailbone. But the standouts were Max Cooks and Nate Johnson.

It was 2 great days of skiing and snowboarding with some very close competition. The overall winners of both Ski and Snowboard received a Champions Belt and Masters Jacket.



  • Jossi Wells
  • Oddy Graham
  • Boen Ferguson


  • Benny Bright
  • Clint Allan
  • Mitch Allan


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August 22, 2006

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