Mikkel Bang Wins US Open Slopestyle


Stratton, Vermont and the Burton US Open hosted one of the best Slopestyle events this season. Spring conditions were in effect for possibly some of the best weather ever in the 28-year history of the event.

With the field of 40 riders in the qualifying rounds it was evident early on that a safety run wouldn’t cut it. With double cork 1080’s, 1260’s and double chuck flips going down on the daily. That roster was narrowed down to 16 for the final 3 runs.

Oakley’s Mikkel Bang rolled into VT off his 3rd place podium at The Oakley Arctic Challenge Slopestyle and owned the course. He won his first US Open slopestyle with style and precision after taking the lead in his first of three runs. And then followed up that first place score with an even better run that scored a US Open Slopestyle record 98.00. His run included a Cab 1080, into a switch backside 1260 Indy and finished with a frontside 1080 on the jumps. With an additional 3 rail features in his run Mikkel flowed with style and progressive riding, it was a race for 2nd and 3rd all day for the rest of the riders.

“It’s my seventh year coming here to the US Open and the first time I’ve made it to the slopestyle podium,” says Mikkel Bang. “All of the top riders are here, which makes it even more special to win. This really is the perfect ending of the season for me.”

Oakley had 7 riders in the finals and all were pushing for those remaining podium spots. Fresh off an almost season ending injury in December Sebastian Toutant landed in 3rd place with an explosive run that held 2nd place all day until the last run of the last rider narrowly edged Seb out by less than a point. Seb’s first contest in 2010 really showed his raw talent after his injury and determination as a competitor to go for it when it is all on the line.

Following in the 4th spot was Oakley Apparel and Eyewear rider Stale Sandbech, who was scorching his runs through the course. And landed a frontside 1080 for the first time perfectly on his 2nd run and then added a backside 1260 to that trick by landing it for the first time as well. The judges and crowd we in awe of this progression from run to run. We will see a lot more from Stale in the future for sure.

Final Results:

Men’s SS Finals
1 44 Bang Mikkel NOR 98.00 Oakley Eyewear
2 106 Badertscher Ulrik NOR 93.67
3 8 Toutant Sebastien CAN 93.33 Oakley Eyewear
4 7 Sandbech Stale NOR 93.17 Oakley Apparel & Eyewear
5 14 Guldemond Chas USA 92.33
6 23 Piiroinen Peetu FIN 90.17
7 52 Flanagan Tyler USA 89.67
8 3 Korpi Janne FIN N 83.83
9 82 Julius Nicholas USA 81.17 Oakley Grass Roots Eyewear
10 61 Thompson Jeremy USA 64.67
11 89 Dubois Jason CAN 64.50
12 22 Braaten Gjermund NOR 55.17 Oakley Eyewear
13 46 Reid Charles CAN 54.33 Oakley Eyewear
14 36 Grilc Marko SLO 47.83
15 9 McMorris Mark CAN 40.83 Oakley Eyewear
16 12 Holvik Tore NOR 31.50


Matty Swanson


March 22, 2010

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