Jenny Jones Makes It Two-in-a-Row in Women's Slopestyle


Jenny Jones proved that she can hang with the best of ‘em today when she won the Women’s Slopestyle final for the second year in a row. The most significant thing about this year’s win is that Jenny out-shredded Jamie Anderson and Janna Meyen-Weatherby. Last year, neither of these girls were at Winter X, so this win carries that much more weight.

It was a progressive day in the park. Janna Meyen-Weatherby was incredibly close to nailing a cab nine, which would’ve been a Winter X first for the women. But, the botched landing ended up earning her Bronze behind Jamie Anderson’s Silver.

Janna is a snowboarder’s snowboarder and when asked if she was bummed on the Bronze she responded exactly as you’d expect.

“No, not at all,” said Meyen-Weatherby. “I came here to do my run. I didn’t give a crap where it left me at the end of the day. I wasn’t here to do the contest, I was here to beat myself.”

That’s the spirit. And that’s why Janna’s admired by all the other girls. Jenny was flabbergasted when asked what it felt like to beat Janna.

“Janna Meyen is my legend, she’ll always be my legend,” said Jones. “It’s…(trailing off). I don’t even know what to say.”


Tess Weaver


January 31, 2010

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