Oakley's Seb Toots Makes History: The Youngest Ever World No. 1


Oakley’s Sebastien Toutant from Quebec, Canada, has taken the world number one ranking in the prestigious TTR (Ticket To Ride) World Snowboard Tour, thanks to winning the title of 2009 Grandmaster at Stylewars, Falls Creek.
Toutant, 16, has made history as the youngest rider to ever rank number one and is also the youngest rider to ever win the notorious Stylewars snowboard competition, which has been running for seven years.
Toutant has now knocked Mason Aguirre (USA) off the TTR throne and is “super stoked” but will try his hardest to stay on top; “It feels really good to be the youngest ranking number one. I’m leading in the TTR right now, but it’s not to say I will win the TTR.”
In competition, Toutant was in a league of his own, throwing down several Double Cork 10s, and even stomping a flawless Double Cork 12 – his first ever in competition. In claiming the Stylewars Grandmaster title, Toutant takes home a cash prize of $7000.
But judging was not easy, with so much talent displayed from around the globe. However, it was the young riders that really stole the show. 

The 80-foot booter was the first feature in the specially made park for riders to hit. With a steep landing riders were then able to choose from a selection of other jibs and smaller jumps including a unique pole jib, a down rail, a wall ride and a tyre bonk.
After four days of wind-hold which delayed the competition, head judge Mel Simmons commented, “I am so stoked that the weather pulled through for the boys and we were able to come up with a result. They all rode so well, it was absolutely outstanding.”
Shining star Toutant said “It was fun, we had the best weather of the week and we finally got to hit the jump. It was fun with a two-hour jam, where you can do your best runs at the end, so everyone rode really well.”

Event Director Richard Hegarty said, “I am so happy to be able to come up with a result. The riders were having a great time, and considering the conditions we were dealt, the course was really fun.”
Event results:
1. Sebastien Toutant (CAN)
2. Mikkel Bang (NOR)
3. Charles Reid (CAN)
4. Eric Willett (USA)
5. Sage Kotsenburg (USA)
6. Matts Kulisek (CAN)
7. Michael Stanschitz (AUT)
8. Keiran McLaughlin (AUS)
9. Chris Kroell (AUT)
10. Chris DeCampo (AUS)



August 31, 2009