Canadian Oakley Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant wins the first Burton Open contest of the season


Canadian Oakley Snowboarders Sebastien Toutant and Charles Reid clinched the top two spots in men’s semifinals of Slopestyle, Toutant taking the top spot by wowing the judges with his signature “Toutsie Roll,” a backside doublecork 1080 melon. Reid who placed second in the Burton Open Global overall points standing for 2008/09 season couldn’t stick his run in the finals, dropping him to the back of the pack, but Oakley’s Torstein Horgmo (NOR) threw down in his third and final run with back to back 1080s, giving him an edge and finishing second. Eric Willet (USA) stuck back-to-back 900s and had smooth style on the rails, allowing him to ride away with third. But in the end, Sebastien recreated his winning run from semis by starting off with a backside 270 on the first rail to 50/50 backside 360 on the second rail, into a backside rodeo 540 indy, into a Cab 900 stalefish, followed by a backside 1080 double cork melon, followed by a noseslide on the uprail to alleyoop backside 50/50 on the quarter, finishing with a frontside boardslide on the kinked rail. “I’m so stoked to win my first contest of the year,” said Toutant. “It was a great course, very different. I had fun trying new things and am so happy to do well.”


Erin Edwards


August 18, 2009

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