Oakley Shakedown 2009


More than 8.000 spectators braved the weekend rain at St Sauveur, Quebec to support Shakedown 2009, Canada’s largest Snowboard contest. Oakley stepped up as one of the main sponsors of this mega event, an in typical Oakley fashion, activated in full force.

Oakley created Custom Shakedown Crowbars in three color ways that were passed out to 50 VIPS who went through the O Lab, which took over the main parking lot at the entrance to the resort. Also set up at the demo village was an Oakley Canada truck/VIP booth displaying next year’s product.
TV show personality Pete Anderson rocking his custom goggles in front of the camera.

In addition to all the on-site branding, there happened to be a snowboard contest going on…

The event was won by Oakley’s Sebastien Toutant—16 years old and the only person to have won Shakedown two times. Seb landed his patented Tootsie Roll 1080 double underflip that has earned him $70,000 in prize winnings in this year along.

Concerning the rain that fell throughout the competition, Sébastien says he wasn’t bothered by it at all, “It made visibility more difficult, but I wore my Oakleys and everything was fine.” said Toutant, laughing.

The eighth edition of the RIDE Shakedown featured a women’s competition for the first time in history and Oakley was the presenting sponsor. Eight of the top female snowboarders come to Shakedown to step it up and hit the 80 foot kicker and rail set-up.

“I think it’s great that the Shakedown now includes women. Although the set-up is a little bit crazy, it’s something that we definitely can master,” said Oakley’s Silvia Mittermuller. “I mean, girls have been hitting all three of these features in a good way. I’m super stoked we got into this contest and I hope we’ll be in here next year as well. And great respect to all the girls that were riding, because I think the riders were really going for it.”

There was no better ambassador to show everyone how far women’s riding has come than local hero and global phenom Marie France Roy. In the end MFR won third place for main event as did Oakley head to toe rider Jeremy Cloutier.

As for the rail jam winners Oakley’s own Silvia Mittermuller, who won the Burton Canadian Open earlier this season, won the Shakedown womens rail jam and $3000.

The coverage for Shakedown 2009 will be extensive. In addition to the TV coverage, (TSN broadcast on May 3rd at 1pm EST; RDS on Sunday April 26th at 2:30 pm EST) which will feature Oakley commercials, Fuel TV will be producing a full episode dedicated to the Shakedown contest.

Thanks to Ingrid and Liesl for organizing the women for this event, Chris Hotell and Matty Swanson for help with the mens roster, Ryan ,Nick, Aaron and Kyle from the O lab , Jake and Mat for on-site support, and Kurt, Allison and the custom goggle strap crew.