Cody Warble Claims 1st National Title


We would like to congratulate Cody Warble on his National Championship victory this past week in Copper Mountain. After 5 days of competition, Cody came out on top of his age group (8-9 Grommet Group 2) as the combined overall winner.

The highlight of the week was his second place finish in the Halfpipe. With a super-talented field of shredders, Cody put down 2 of his best runs ever with spin combos, big airs and his pumped-up handplant finish.

Cody’s results from the 2009 USASA National Championship:
3rd Place Boarder X
1st Place Slalom
2nd Place Giant Slalom
2nd Place Halfpipe
5th Place Slopestyle

1st Place Overall Champion

Cody would like to thank the AVSC coaching staff for the amazing support and for providing awesomeness at all times.

Thanks to Oakley Snowboarding for your continued inspiration and support. Additionally, Cody would like to thank Volcom for passing on the tradition of snowboarding excellence to the next generation. Thanks Billy and Ryan. We are honored to be a part of your team. A big thank you goes to Gnu. Zach, Pete and Matt, thanks for getting out a fresh Danny Kass BTX 125 just in time for the event. It made all the difference in the world. (Especially for pipe and racing!)

We are honored and stoked to be a part of snowboarding everyday. Thank you to everyone that helps us share these moments as a family.

Best Regards,
Eric and Cody Warble