Oakley Uprising


Winter has taken some time off in the Northwest lately. A below average snowfall, and firm conditions have been the story for most of the year. March welcomed winter back with solid snow, and the Uprising was hosted during such a day.

Saturday March 7, saw blizzard conditions for the free to enter series. The field maxed out at ninety entrants, and practice began on the rail section. The contest is split into two disciplines, the rail portion, and main event on the quarterpipe.

Early riding was challenging due to the snow piling up, but the Snoqualmie park staff held it down keeping the take offs clear. Each division rode in the 20 minute jam, then it was off to the Quarterpipe.

Nearly 12 inches had fallen on the transition by the time the riding began. The first to drop made powder turns into the quarterpipe, then attempted to make it up the transition. Mid way through the heat we began to see some above the lip action, and it was Matt Penny setting the bar for all others in the 15 & under to follow. In the 16 & over, Austin Sweetin and Josh Johnson were riping the QP. Josh walked away with the best trick, and Austin once again won the overall.

The Uprising heads to the Midwest next, 3/12-Raging Buffalo, IL; 3/14- Tyrol Basin, WI


Groms 15& Under
1. Matt Penny
2. Myles Gable
3. Jacob Krugmire
4. Eythan Frost
5. Dylan Trewin

Open Women’s
1. Raelyn
2. Katie Kindle
3. Sarah Silva
4. Chelsea Mullins
5. Priscilla Stultz

Boys 16& Over
1. Austen Sweetin
2. Blake Payne
3. Josh Johnson
4. Julian McMahon
5. Jesse Gouviea