Colin Frei Wins Air & Style QP


Air & Style, perhaps the most famous inner city snowboard contests. Was at home at Bergisel stadium in Innsbruck, Austria. Those who were able to attend the event on February 1st for the quarterppe invitational know why. With almost 15,000 spectators in the arena, the stage was set for some high airs and technical snowboarding.

For Oakley riders Colin Frei, Olivier Gittler, Dustin Craven, 15 year old Stale Sandbech, and Terje Haakonsen. It is something special to be a part of an event like this. The in run was steep and fast. Setting up for a 10-meter plus high quarterpipe.

In the end it was a special day for Oakley’s 19-year-old Swiss rookie, Colin Frei. He rode impressive and showed serious tricks throughout the night. He won the 2009 Air & Style with a 6.5-meter high backside 540 Indy grab.

1st Colin Frei SUI Oakley Crowbar Goggle
2nd Peetu Piroinen FIN
3rd Olivier Gittler FRA Oakley Crowbar Goggle
5th Terje Haakonsen NOR Oakley Signature Series Crowbar



February 08, 2009

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