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Team USA Crowbar Snow - Team USA/Black Iridium (59-282)

Jamie Anderson


Jamie Anderson entered the snow scene and the industry has flapped its lips with praise ever since. The media can’t get enough of her unadulterated youthful attitude. Judges are wowed by her unfathomable ability and her sponsors love her no-nonsense way of walking the planet. Fact is, Jamie knows how to win better than anyone in her league. What Jamie has accomplished at such a young age is not standard practice. At 15, Jamie made her first Winter X Games appearance, bumping Shaun White out of the history books as the youngest medalist in Winter X Gam...

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Recent Snowboarding News

  • Oakley Headquarters to Premiere Misschief Film's "Roshambo"

    Roshambo Premiere main image.jpg

    Posted almost 8 years ago by Staff Writer

    On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 Oakley will premiere an all girls snowboard film by Misschief Films, “Roshambo”, featuring Oakley riders Anne-Flore Marxer, Laura Hadar, Marie-France Roy, Silvia Mittermuller and Stacy Thomas.

  • Australian Pipe and Park Masters

    Snow Australian Event main image.jpg

    Posted almost 8 years ago by Staff Writer

    The 2006 Playstation Pipe & Park Masters Presented by Oakley was held at Perisher Blue in the NSW snowfields August 22nd & 23rd. It was two great days at Perisher, where 10 skiers and 10 snowboarders took part in the 4-disciplined event (Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Big Air and Rail jam).

  • 2006 Summer X Games


    Posted almost 8 years ago by Staff Writer

    1080’s, Superman back flips, skateboard front flips and wakeboarding all going down on the parking lot of Home Depot Center.

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