I Went to Oakley and Played Death Metal with Shaun White


"So there I was, sitting in the lunch room at the Oakley headquarters, playing heavy metal with Shaun White…" This might sound like the beginning of some whacked dream to most people, but to Taylor Rearick, one of three winners of the Oakley Shaun White Sweepstakes, this was a reality.

Three lucky winners: Crystal Jackson of New York, Taylor Rearick of Sacramento, CA and John Dobbe of Madison, WI were flown to the Oakley starship enterprise on Tuesday July 18, 2006 to redeem their Grand Prize winnings from the Shaun White Sweepstakes.

The Grand Prize included Oakley Factory Tour, as well as a never-heard-of tour of Oakley’s "very, very, very off limits" Design department where the three winners were able to grasp a real understanding of the inspiration and next-level thinking that goes into Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics® (HDO®) as well as every product that leaves the Oakley building. But that’s not all, while they were in design, they stopped into the paint lab where they each had the opportunity to work with the designers to build their own custom goggle and this was all before lunch.

Since nothing works up an appetite more than designing a goggle, the three winners made their way to the Oakley lunch room where they were greeted by the man they came to meet; Shaun White. With his red hair glistening in the wind as he sat upon his mighty steed, the three were awed by his presence.

Wow, that just got weird. The truth is, there were no horses and there was definitely no wind in the hair, but there were a bunch of hotdogs, hamburgers and two Fender Stratocaster guitars. No, they didn’t eat the guitars, but they did jump into a wicked jam session. Right when Shaun put down his hotdog, he quickly picked up the guitar and started belting out some Zepplin and it was only two minutes later that Taylor Rearick picked up the second guitar and started playing Slayer. It turns out Taylor is actually the guitarist in a death metal band back home, who knew?

Ok, let’s re-cap, Factory tour; check, very VIP tour of design; check, customize a goggle; check, lunch and death metal jam session with Shaun White; check, sensory overload; checkidy check. There was only one thing left to do, $1000 shopping spree in the Oakley Store. Crystal Jackson will tell you that being able to pick whatever you want from Oakley’s deep lineup of new women’s eyewear styles and women’s apparel can be a whole day in itself. These guys were spent and so was their thousand dollars. Now they felt great, looked great and had an awesome experience to share with all of their friends back home.

So, it’s back to the basic question, "What did one have to do to earn such VIP treatment?" Purchase the Shaun White Signature A-FRAME® Goggle. Every Shaun White A-Frame has a scratcher card inside the box with a chance to win this amazing Grand Prize of the Oakley VIP Factory Tour/Barbeque with Shaun White or the runner up prize, which was a pair of Shaun White’s signature sunglass " MONTEFRIO". Although the opportunity to win the Grand Prize is now over, the opportunity to win the Shaun White Signature Sunglass Montefrio is not. So go out and buy Shaun White’s Goggle now or maybe you’re one of those people like Crystal Jackson who thought, "I never win things like this".