Oakley Launches Signature Goggle Series


Oakley has launched three signature goggles for the 2006/2007 winter snow season with Shaun White, JP Walker, and Terje Haakonsen. All three of these snowboarders have been riding for the "O" many a seasons now, and this was Oakley’s way of paying homage to their excellence and dedication.

JP Walker has been killing the snowboard scene for well over a decade now. Popping onto the map in the mid-90s as a young ripper from Utah, JP was first noticed as someone who could throw down the backside and frontside rodeos with the best of them, and to this day is still setting standards whether in the backcountry or during a night rail session.

For JP’s signature series goggles, he developed an alligator skin look and feel to the goggle strap, which matches his snowmobile and snowboard equipment. Included with the goggles is an additional strap, a feature he included in response to feedback from the core snowboard community requesting more versatile eyewear. JP’s goggle of choice has been the O-Frame from day one. The signature series goggle gives kids an option at a lower price that doesn’t ignore versatility and style.

Terje has been with Oakley since the early days of snowboarding, first with Oakley Norway, then as an icon for snowboarders in all corners of the world. Oakley was there when Terje won his first world championship and later when he started The Oakley Arctic Challenge.

The Terje Haakonsen signature series goggle is the result of almost 20 years of revolutionary partnership. It is a rare synergy of uncompromising personality and innovation. The goggle features the Oakley Arctic Challenge “Norwegian Helmet Logo” on the gray frame with a red, blue and white strap to match the colors of the Norwegian flag.

Shaun White not only earned six X Games gold medals in Slopestyle and Halfpipe events, he also owns the gold medal of the 2006 Olympics Halfpipe competition. For Shaun, designing a Shaun White signature series goggle went hand in hand with capitalizing on his style and unrivaled confidence. Just ask Shaun why he rocks the “O.”

"Standing at the top of a contest, there is a lot on my mind, fortunately the last thing on my mind is my goggles. I trust Oakley to deliver the best technology so I can focus on contest run instead of my eyewear."


Staff Writer


November 27, 2006