Prior to 2014, Max Parrot was on the verge of becoming a big name in Canada. Hailing from a country that pumped out major snowboarding talents year after year (McMorris, Toutant, etc.), distinguishing oneself amongst that group of guys was no easy task. But after making the podium in Slopestyle in 2013 behind the favorite, Mark McMorris, Parrot devoted himself to get stronger, more dynamic and more focused and in 2014 won back-to-back gold medals in Big Air and Slopestyle – establishing himself as one of the premiere talents not only in Canada, but in the world.

However, Parrot almost never reached the level that he’s at today. His parents never wanted him to get on a snowboard in the first place; they refused to buy one for him. “My mom thought it was too extreme,” Parrot explains. “She thought I was going to kill myself.” An 8-year-old Parrot spent that next summer mowing lawns in order to save up money to buy his own board. Nowadays, “my parents support 105 percent,” Parrot says. During the 2014 X Games, Parrot’s parents rented out a bar in his hometown of Bromton to host a viewing party and upon his successes, bought bottles of champagne to celebrate.

Maxence’s father is a former Canadian champion of waterskiing and alpine skiing.

Max Parrot

Date of Birth:
June 6, 1994
Bromont, Quebec City, Canada
O'Neill, Oakley, Empire, Pop HDWR
Skate, Golf, Wakesurfing

Career Highlights

    • 2014: World Snowboard Tour Big Air Champion
    • 2014: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle – Aspen, CO
    • 2014: Gold Medal, Winter X Games Big Air – Aspen, CO
    • 2013: Silver Medal, Winter X Games Slopestyle – Aspen, CO
    • 2010: 3rd, Ride Shakedown Slopestyle