Six Medals For Oakley Snowboarders at Euro X Games; Toutant and Norendal Win Gold in Slopestyle


It wasn’t the season Sebastien Toutant had expected. One of the most talented young snowboarders of his generation – the generation of Mark McMorris and Stale Sandbech and Torstein Horgmo – he already had three Winter X Games medals to his name, including a Gold in Slopestyle in 2011. But coming into Euro X Games in Tignes, France, his 2012/13 season had mostly been filled with near misses – a caught rail here, an over-rotated spin there, a finish one spot clear of the podium. In Tignes, Toutant kept the mishaps and the near-misses at bay.

In the Slopestyle Final, he took the early lead with his first run (88.0), which put him in good position to podium. With McMorris among the finalists, Toutant knew he’d have to fight to hold on to the top spot. On his second run he landed a clean triple cork, followed by a stomped Cab 1260, earning a score of 95.0. McMorris would come up just short in his third and final run (94.0) for Silver, and the Gold would belong to Toutant.

“We had a beautiful day and I felt confident. I am happy to have done my run with a back side triple cork. I knew my chances were high with that jump,” Toutant said. “My jump helped, but I also had an all-around good run. I was strong on the rails and on the jumps so I think it made a difference.”

After McMorris’ final run, he and Seb exchanged high-fives. Tough competitors, the pair are also friends and fellow countrymen.

“I was stoked for Seb already and he absolutely killed it,” McMorris said. “It was my last slopestyle run of the year contest-wise, and to end it like that I’m happy. That’s the way I wanted to ride and whatever happened happened.”

In total, Oakley snowboarders won six medals in Tignes, which included another Bronze Medal for the young Superpipe specialist, Arielle Gold and a first-ever X Games medal (Bronze) for Taku Hiraoka in Superpipe.

In women’s Slope, Oakley had another one-two finish, although it may not have been the order most would have expected. Coming into Tignes, Jamie Anderson was the two-time defending Gold Medalist, with a solid chance at a three-peat following her Gold in January in Aspen.

While Anderson’s riding was solid (as usual), it was Silje Norendal who stole the spotlight. Norendal took the lead with her first run (90.0) and then extended it with her second run, which was highlighted by a Switch Backside 5 – which the commentator called “the nicest trick I’ve seen all day” – followed by a smooth Frontside Rodeo.

“My day was awesome. I had a great time on the course and was able to put down two good runs and I just couldn’t be happier, Norendal said. “We saw a 10 today and so much progression, it’s just sick. It’s the whole atmosphere: everybody coming out here watching, really nice weather and a great course … it’s just a good combination of everything."

With Euro X coming to a close, so too do the competitive seasons of the majority of our snowboarders. Now they turn to free-riding and fine-tuning tricks and then an offseason of training as they ready for an Olympic push come next winter.

Congrats to all of X Games competitors on a phenomenal season.

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