From Scotty himself:

I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 and have lived in Warrandyte all my life.

I am the youngest of four, so I have been chasing my two older brothers, Tim and Sean, around for as long as l can remember and have had a heap of fun doing it.

I have an older sister Rebecca (the “fashion police”) that keeps me up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Family holidays to the snow began at Mt, Buller when I was 2. Because I was the baby of the family l was forced to put on skis, but not for long, as soon as I saw Dad and Bec on snowboards I knew that was what I wanted to do. 

Dad taught me to ride, l can still remember him doing up my bindings before every run, the hardest thing about getting starting was finding a snowboard and boots small enough for me to ride, I know my first boots were a pair of sorrel snowshoes strapped into plastic bindings.

I competed for the first time in the Victorian Interschools at Mt Buller, l remember thinking then, ‘how awesome is this getting out of school to go to the snow and ride with my friends’.

Now I spend a lot of my time in New Zealand and the US where I can train on the 22 foot halfpipes and ride the big slopestyle courses.

When I am in NZ l base myself in Wanaka and in the US l will be training at Breck or Salt Lake City all have great mountains and great parks.


Scotty James


Date of Birth:
July 6, 1989
Melbourne, Australia
Oakley, Red Bull

Career Highlights

    • 2012: 5th, FIS World Cup Halfpipe
    • 2012: 5th, Burton Canadian Open Halfpipe
    • 2011: 2nd, Burton Canadian Open Halfpipe
    • 2011: 6th, Burton European Open Halfpipe
    • Youngest Male Athlete to Compete in Olympics for Australia in 50 years

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