Training Finally Begins at Air + Style in Beijing!

Kazuhiro Kokubo at the "Oakley & Shaun White Present Air + Style

Things have finally started rolling here in Beijing with the first official day of practice at the Oakley and Shaun White Present Air + Style. The jump is insanely massive and quite a sight for anyone, even those that don’t follow snowboarding.

Air + Style in Beijing is taking place inside the Olympic Center Stadium which is in the fourth ring not to far from the infamous Bird’s Nest. The stadium will house thousands of cheering Chinese fans tomorrow night and will produce a new milestone in snowboarding history.

The scaffolding constructed to build the drop in ramp, jump and landing is one of kind in that it’s the first time the drop in ramp is not built into the stadium stairs, but instead is built from the ground up! Making this jump the single biggest snowboarding structure this writer has ever seen in history.

Atop the drop in ramp the view over the fourth ring in Beijing is breathtaking if it doesn’t take your breath way with the unique air of the city; one can see the Bird’s Nest, IBM “dragon-like” building and many other cool architectural marvels.

Oakley’s top riders ranging from the young Stale Sandbech to current reigning US Open Champion Kazuhiro Kokubo to current world number one on the TTR Gjermund Braaten were slaying the jump with huge airs and super styled out tricks.

Kazu was chucking massively styled out backside 180 Japan airs and Oakley’s Seb Toots was crushing the jump with a wide range of double this and double that tricks, making him the front runner to take all comers in this year’s contest.

Check out the photo gallery from Oakley’s Senior Staff Photographer Russ Hennings, highlighting the stadium, jump, branding, riders and tight action.