Powering Up: Rising Oakley Snowboard Phenom Stale Sandbech Kicks Off Season With Solid ‘Freeze Festival’ Finish


What better way to amp up for the start of the Freestyle FIS season than a big air event at…well, a power station?

The LG Snowboard FIS World Cup went down as part of the raucous Relentless Freeze Snowboard, Ski and Music Festival at the Battersea Power Station in London. And Oakley’s rising snowboard team phenom, Stale Sandbech, definitely threw down some electric runs to finish second at the first FIS event of the 2010/2011 season.

The young ripper – dubbed the heir apparent in Norway’s line of snowboarding royalty – secured a final score of 53.5 after throwing down a cab 9 and a cab 10 on his first two hits for scores of 22.8 and 25.2, respectively. For his last charge at the title, Sandbech busted out a backside 10 for a score of 28.3 – dazzling the more than 15,000 spectators at the event.

“I did the backside 10 in qualifers,” Stale said, rocking his Oakley Frogskins after the contest. “It was my safety big trick.”

But Slovenian Marko Grilc edged Stale to take the first spot with a monster backside double cork.

“He landed super good on his first two runs, he landed super tricks,” added Stale. “I’m just happy to stand up there [on the podium] and wave to the crowd.”

The solid performance serves as a great start to what’s looking to be another big season for Stale. Keep an eye out for him as he continues his charge to fame.

But he wasn’t alone when it came to Oakley riders in London. Gjermund Braaten landed at eigth and Sebastien Toutant rounded out the field with a 12th place result. Congratz to all O Team Shredders for a great weekend in England!

Now check out a recently launched video of Stale from Factor Films


Andrew De Lara


November 01, 2010