JP Walker in Benji Weatherly's upcoming video release "Life As A Movie"

jp daily habit 1

JP Walker is a busy man…but never to busy to take a sweet surf trip to Kandui island! Last summer JP headed to Kandui to film for Benji Weatherly’s upcoming release “LIfe As A Movie”. That’s a heavy wave with razor sharp reef and live coral just waiting to live in your back or feet if you drop in late or take a bad fall. No bad falls for JP all though he did drop into Fuel’s Daily Habit Show Yesterday with Benji Weatherly and Tosh Townend to talk about this new release. On top of their surfing escapade in Indonesia, JP is also featured in the movie surfing, skateboarding and snowbording in Japan. Get the full scoop by watching The Daily Habit episode when it airs on October 8th, 2008. Also, look for Benji’s movie to premier in a town near you, or pick up your own copy when it releases September 23rd.



September 19, 2008