• Oakley Snowboarders Star Alongside Snow Park Tech in NatGeo's "Mountain Movers"


    Posted about 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    For the Torstein Horgmos and Mark McMorris’ of the snowboarding world to be able to do what they do, they need to trust the terrain. When they go flying two stories into the sky, they need to know that they have the speed and lift to cover as much as a quarter of a football field on some of these Big Air jumps. That’s the reason you’ve heard Horgmo publicly criticize features after events, calling for more athlete involvement and investment in the right crew to get the job done – and that right crew, according to most snowboarders you talk to, is Snow Park Technologies.

  • Ben Fee Reports In From TAC & Day 2 Photos


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    Practices usually suck. And are boring. Everyone can attest. USUALLY. USUALLY. For the 10th year of The Oakley Arctic Challenge, even the weather is Oslo was cooperating in hopes for seeing some time bomb watch-scooping airs. Most of the all time heavy hitters were in their heavy hitting’s heaviest on Tuesday and Wednesday. The man who started the event last decade, Terje Haakonsen, wasted no time in attempting to claim what is rightfully his: the title.

  • Day 1 of Snow In Lower Manhattan


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    So the madness kicked off the moment we landed at JFK and then made our way to the swanky Rivington Hotel in the Lower East Side. The riders that have come out for this event are some heavy hitters, but topping the list on the Oakley side are Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Torstein Horgmo, Dustin Craven, JJ Thomas and Bjorn Leines.

Heikki Sorsa

Date of Birth:
February 10, 1982
Helsinki, Finland
Burton, Analog, Oakley, Gravis, Red Bull
Spending time with my daughter.

Career Highlights

    • 2009: 2nd, Finnish Snowboard Open Slopestyle
    • 2008: One Footed FS 360 at X Games, which ended up on ESPN Top 3 Moments of the Year
    • 2005: 3rd, Nissan X-trail Jam Big Air
    • 2004: 1st, Nissan X-Trail Jam Big Air
    • 2002: 1st, Nissan X-Trail Jam Quarterpipe
    • 2001: 3rd, Freestyle.Ch Big Air
    • 2001: World Record Quarterpipe Air – 9.3 meters