Eirikur Helgason AKA “Eiki”, hails from a little country called Iceland, and an even littler town known as Akureyri. He’s the quiet type who much like most people with his level of snowboarding talent, prefer their riding to do the talking for them. If you asked him if that was true, he would probably answer with one word, "sure"; but that’s okay because his snowboarding over the past two years has said a mouthful.

Iceland isn’t exactly known for it’s amazing resorts, which makes a lot of people wonder how he became such a great all around snowboarder. Part of that is because Eiki has taken his future into his own hands and earned money working random jobs so he could travel and live in other Scandinavian countries like Sweden, where he spent a few winters. Last year was a big breakout season for Eiki, and because of that, he traveled all over the globe for photo and film shoots with Oakley and his board sponsor Rome. Whether it was the US or Europe on an Oakley apparel trip, he’s made his presence known.

Influenced primarily by snowboard video’s, it’s no surprise that he put all of his energy into filming last season and easily clinched the last part in Rome’s video “No Right Way”. 2008 was a big season for Eiki with a lot from riding the backcountry to traveling in the US, and all though this may be the first time you’ve heard of him, it definitely won’t be the last. Remember the name.

Eiki Helgason


Date of Birth:
September 5, 1987
Akureyri, Iceland
Oakley, Lobster Snowboards, Skullcandy, DVS, Frontline Favorite
Skateboarding, Candy, more Skateboarding, and then more Candy

Career Highlights

    • 2012: Junkfest Rail Jam Sweden Best Trick
    • 2010: TWS Reader's Choice Winner
    • 2010: Video Part in Standard Films' "The Storming"
    • 2009: Video Part in Rome's "No Correct Way"
    • 2009: Snowboarder Magazine Rookie of the Year
    • 2009: 1st, Frontline Rail Jam
    • 2009: Snowboarder Magazine Rookie of the Year
    • 2008: Last Part in Rome's "No Right Way"
    • 2008: TWS Rookie of The Year Nomination
    • 2007: Snowboarder Magazine Cover Shot