SNEAK PEEK: Gretchen Bleiler Collection


Predictably, we wanted more. Style. Attitude. Function. More – across the board – that couldn’t simply be explained by conventional mechanisms of cause.

The effect? The Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series Collection.

“She’s a strong, independent and courageous woman – a serious risk taker. Oakley evolved in the youth culture of action sports, empowering those who define their own lifestyles. Simply put, she’s the perfect partner to jump-start our women’s movement.”

- Jenn Bradley, Oakley Women’s Brand Director

2008 ESPY: Best Female Action Sports Athlete. First action sports female athlete featured on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. 2006 Winter Olympics Silver Medalist. X Games Gold Medalist. Gravity Games Champion. US Open Champion. Grand Prix Overall Title Winner. Vans Triple Crown Overall Winner.

And a world-wide environmental activist to boot. Gretchen’s Collection features an eco-friendly jacket and pant, leveraging ECO STORM™ textiles and ECO CIRCLE™ technology.

The result: while making a luxurious style statement through technical superiority, she’s simultaneously shrinking her green footprint – a downhill assault on global warming.

The first-ever active lifestyle collection for women is coming soon.


Newbear Lesniewski


July 28, 2008