Breckenridge: Rev Tour Finale


The sun attempted to come out Saturday morning in Breckenridge, but it was immediately shut down by yet another cycle of the Colorado storm that keeps on giving.

The heavy snowfall made for a picturesque setting for the Oakley Rolling O set-up at the Blue River Plaza on Main Street in downtown Breck. It was a busy Saturday in town and hundreds of pedestrians stopped by to check out the action.

The afternoon got all Norman Rockwell when Christmas carolers posted up between the Breckenridge town Christmas tree and the O Lab. Cookies and hot beverages were served and as the snow came down even harder, the atmosphere was as festive as it gets. It even felt like Christmas for the 150 VIPs who received a pair of goggles after their private tours through the O Lab.

As the light dimmed and Oakley athletes began arriving in town from shoots at Copper and a kicker session at Breck, the poster signing at Sun Logic on Main Street kicked off. The place was packed and the line wrapped out the door. You’ve never seen such a concentration of A-list riders in one shop. The groms couldn’t decide whether to have Danny Kass sign their board or Gretchen Bleiler pose for a picture. Simon Dumont was going through Sharpies faster than Warble could restock them. Customers were claiming it was the impressive poster signing they’d ever seen. When everyone was satisfied with their loot and the athletes grew dangerously hungry, it was time to set up for closing ceremonies.

Cecilia’s, a multi-level bar and club downtown, was ground zero for the night’s debauchery. The once coveted silver wristbands were eventually passed out to everyone who wanted in and Guttermouth rocked the house. After the mosh pit subsided and the injured fled the scene, Manhattan-based DJ Pase Rock took the dance floor from populated to packed and everyone shook it ‘till last call.

At the end of the weekend, more than 850 Colorado retail owners, buyers, shop employees, media and customers had experienced Oakley’s Rolling O Lab and superior optics technology. (Props go out to Oakley’s Eric Warble and the entire Colorado crew for producing a seamless event in variable conditions.)

Having brought similar stoke to Tahoe, Salt Lake City, New Hampshire and Foothill Ranch, the Revolution Tour educated thousands of influential people and saturated these ski and snow centric markets with hundreds of custom goggles.

“It was an unprecedented collaboration among R&D, sales and sports marketing," said Steve Genzler, Oakley Regional Sales Manager . "Everyone worked so well together. The retailers were happy, the athletes were happy. The result was phenomenal."

The Rolling O Lab celebrated their 80th and final set-up of the 10-month, 20-state epic that was 2007. Happy holidays to the crew and here’s to a job well done!