High Cascade Snowboard Camp


During Session 5 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, a young camper by the name of Jared became the envy of all his friends back home in Welches, Oregon. Although Jared will go down in history as the coolest guy to have lived in Welches, he didn’t get this new rep by simply attending HCSC’s "Signature Gretchen Bleiler Session", he earned it. Jared’s shoe was randomly pulled from a pile consisting of 200 shoes, and because of that, he was given the chance to win a date with Gretchen Bleiler. In order to collect, he had to beat Gretchen’s boyfriend in an all out battle of "paper, rock, scissors" aka "Roshambo".

Jared’s eyes were on the prize and this battle will forever be remembered as a modern day "David and Goliath". Boyfriend’s rocks were no match for Jared’s paper, and Jared’s scissors cut through Boyfriends paper like a knife through hot butter. After the most heated 30 seconds of young Jared’s life, he was victorious and going on a date with Olympic Silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler. On top of that, Jared also took home a pair of the limited edition Oakley HCSC A-frame Goggles with Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics® (HDO®).

Although Jared was able to spend the most memorable hour of his life enjoying the world famous "huckleberries shake" with Gretchen, all 200 campers attending HCSC were also given a chance to hang with Gretchen and they definitely took advantage of this. Whether it was asking for advice on how to throw her signature move, The Crippler 540, throw a dodge ball at another campers head or treat a welt from the heated games of paintball, Gretchen was there to help.

After giving out as many tips as possible, Gretchen asked the ladies to put their newly acquired skills to the test in an all girls jam format triple threat event. Girls competed in half pipe, jumps and rails to determine who would walk away with the same outfit Gretchen wears; Oakley’s " NUKE JACKET" in Salmon, Oakley’s "Hacker" Pant in Brown, and a pair of Oakley’s new women’s goggle " STOCKHOLM". It was an all out battle and although only one girl could be victorious, all the girls left with something. The ladies were stoked and now they looked good as well.

Everything about this session was amazing, from the weather to the attitude of the campers who attended. This was exactly what snowboarding has been and always will be about, having fun and making new friends.

For more info on how you can have fun and make friends next summer, go to www.highcascade.com. Who knows, you could even end up like Jared and be successful for the rest of your life.


Staff Writer


July 28, 2006