Jenny Jones Wins Slopestyle Gold


So Jamie, Janna and Oakley’s MFR were out of women’s Slope, but I’ll be damned if Spencer O’Brien, Oakley’s Megan Ginter and Oakley’s Jenny Jones weren’t representing fully for all the sideways riding XY class.

Aspen claimed 11" of fresh overnight, but this is not your typical Coloradical pow. The fog has been rolling in and out throughout the afternoon, and temps have made the snowpack, and the Slope course, heavy, wet and nor’westerly awesome. “Everyone was saying we should call it off and go with the qualifying runs, and since I qualified first I was like, sure, let’s do that. Then we got to the top and it stopped snowing so it was game on,” said the 28-year-old Jones.

Spencer was out in front and sending ‘er the biggest, but Seattle’s Ginter and Britain’s Jenny Jones were not far off her tail. Jones came through in the end with a 50-50, gap to 50-50, tail press, backside 3, frontside 3, straight air to frontside 7 from the men’s tee on the last, 80-foot hit, breaking the 6-year-long Jamie/Janna curse to win gold.

She’s stoked, to say the least, and shared an emotional victory hug with all the ladies at the course bottom. “To win the X Games is amazing. This is my third year here, and I’ve never been on the podium. This meant a lot to me.”


Tess Weaver


January 24, 2009