Kevin Pearce Goes Home To Vermont


After three months at Craig Hospital in Colorado, Kevin Pearce is finally home. On The Today Show Pearce was interviewed at his family home in Norwich, Vermont. He displayed, in the best light, what all recovery stories tell. Pearce showed that strength and will can overpower adversity in the face of severe trauma.

This was Pearce’s first interview since he sustained a near fatal head injury during a snowboard training session on Dec. 31, 2009. He was training for the Olympics and was expected to medal. He talked about the rehabilitation process and the struggles of memory loss—even not remembering that fateful day in the halfpipe.

Pearce spoke about his progress and what the next steps in his life will be. His ability to heal and his goal of getting his brain and body back to where it was before the accident will strengthen at home with family and friends. He plans to continue snowboarding after his recovery.

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To get personal updates about his recovery follow this Facebook page: Well Wishes To Our Friend Kevin Pearce


Matty Swanson


May 04, 2010