• White Takes 1st In Qualifiers

    Shaun White

    Posted over 4 years ago by Matt Murray

    Shaun White continued his tear towards the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games today as he rode to insane 49.5 in his second run. This was the closest to a perfect score in the history of the US Grand Prix.

  • The Arctically Challenged 10th Anniversary


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    To jump or not to jump…

  • Ullr Brings Snow To "Classic Air" Contest


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    It was the first judged day of the tenth annual The Oakley Arctic Challenge, and characters came from all nooks and crannies to see what was to go bounding from atop the lip-even Ullr, the norse god of snow. That zealous bastard poked his nose into the day’s business from the get go, and made sure speed was an issue for most of the day. It’s nice of him to think that fresh snow was wanted, but it was bad timing. It pretty much groped nuts.

Kevin Pearce



Date of Birth:
November 1, 1988
Norwich, Vermont
Oakley, Burton, Volcom streetwear, Frends, Embasi Boardshop, GO211.com
Surfing, Skateboarding, Golf, and anything that involves girls, bikinis and a pool of mud

Career Highlights

    • 2009: 1st, Burton European Open
    • 2009: Silver Medal, X Games Superpipe
    • 2009: 3rd, Dew Tour Halfpipe
    • 2008: 1st, Oakley Arctic Challenge Quarterpipe
    • 2008: 3rd, Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe
    • 2008: 3rd, Toyota Big Air
    • 2008: 1st, Air & Style Innsbruck Quarterpipe
    • 2008: Silver Medal, X Games Big Air
    • 2008: Silver Medal, X Games Slopestyle
    • 2008: Bronze Medal, X Games Halfpipe
    • 2008: 1st, Burton European Open Halfpipe
    • 2007: 1st, Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open Slopestyle
    • 2007: 1st, Oakley Arctic Challenge Quarterpipe
    • 2007: 1st, Nokia Air & Style Slopestyle
    • 2007: 3rd, O'Neill Evolution Quarterpipe
    • 2006: 1st, Burton New Zealand Open Slopestyle
    • 2006: 1st, U.S. Grand Prix Slopestyle
    • 2005: 1st, U.S. Grand Prix Halfpipe