A four-time Olympic medalist, Kevin Pearce’s life and snowboarding career isn’t what he had planned. Today, he is an aspiring sports commentator, and advocate for the National Down Syndrome Society and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries. Not long ago he was an upcoming pro, should the makings of one of the best in the sport. His career path changed forever in one tragic moment in 2009. While attempting a newly-learned halfpipe trick, the double cork 1260, Pearce’s head struck the coping. Though he would never again compete competitively, 712 days after his traumatic brain injury, Pearce rode again in Breckenridge, Colo.

“After my injury happened a whole new perspective emerged,” Pearce told ESPN
in an August 2012 interview. “I now realize how lucky I truly am. I was on this road to go to the Olympics and do all of these crazy, amazing things, and to have that all taken away in a heartbeat has given me a new outlook on life.”

Q & A

  1. So Kevin, you just recently dropped in on a house in southern California. What was the reasoning there? I know you east coasters have pride for the east, but feel free to admit that the west coast is the best coast.

    Well, I did just buy a crib in Carlsbad and it did seem like a pretty good idea since its pretty damn close to the airports and the beach, however there are way to many people in So Cal and my house is on the market. So no, the east coast is still the best coast.

  2. You spent a bit of time with Nicolas Muller and Terje in Greenland last summer for Terje's TV show. What was the purpose of that trip? Anything planned this summer similar to that?

    That trip was for a Fuel TV show. It ended up being pretty bad snow but an insane trip. Being with Terje and Nicholas on a snowboard is the best thing ever!!

  3. You have been working on a ton of projects this season, and I know you've been working on a TV show as well. Talk a bit about that.

    This season has been good. I got a chance to do a bunch of new contest but also got to start filming. I've been working on getting out in the backcountry a little bit and did a TV show for fuel about all the events through out the year.

  4. What are your plans next year? I know that 2010 Olympics is around the corner, so do you plan on filming mostly next season or is it going to be more built around pipe?

    It's gonna be a mix. This year I've been doing a lot of contest and a little bit of filming. Next year I wanna make it more 50/50.

  5. Where did you grow up riding the most and how do you think that shaped your riding? Do you think east coast snowboarders have an advantage because you ride in harsher elements with icy conditions more then most?

    I grew up Mostly riding at a small mountain about 20 minutes from my house called Ascutney. It never really had a park or pipe so it wasnt till I statred riding at okemo and killington that I started riding pipe.

  6. If you could go on a trip with any 3 people, where would you go and with who?

    I would go with Tiger Woods, and Tara Reid, and BIG L.

  7. You had/have a chance to go up to AK with Absinthe. What has been your best filming experience with those guys to date?

    I went on a trip with Scotty Lago up to BC. That was dope cause it was just the two of us and we got some really good snow.

  8. Who's in the Frends crew and what's new with Frends?

    Frends crew= Jack, Luke, Scotty, Mason, Danny, Keir, and myself. At the moment were doing a shoot with snowboarder. Besides that were all just chillin till hood. Were gonna do a summer session at hood with HCSC which should de dope.

  9. When are you going to come over and finish building my surf rack?


  10. Polarized Lenses

    The Bomb!

  11. Grateful Dead

    Danny Davis's only t-shirt

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Kevin Pearce


Date of Birth:
November 1, 1988
Norwich, Vermont
Oakley, Burton, Volcom streetwear, Frends, Embasi Boardshop,
Surfing, Skateboarding, Golf, and anything that involves girls, bikinis and a pool of mud

Career Highlights

    • 2009: 1st, Burton European Open
    • 2009: Silver Medal, X Games Superpipe
    • 2009: 3rd, Dew Tour Halfpipe
    • 2008: 1st, Oakley Arctic Challenge Quarterpipe
    • 2008: 3rd, Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe
    • 2008: 3rd, Toyota Big Air
    • 2008: 1st, Air & Style Innsbruck Quarterpipe
    • 2008: Silver Medal, X Games Big Air
    • 2008: Silver Medal, X Games Slopestyle
    • 2008: Bronze Medal, X Games Halfpipe
    • 2008: 1st, Burton European Open Halfpipe
    • 2007: 1st, Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open Slopestyle
    • 2007: 1st, Oakley Arctic Challenge Quarterpipe
    • 2007: 1st, Nokia Air & Style Slopestyle
    • 2007: 3rd, O'Neill Evolution Quarterpipe
    • 2006: 1st, Burton New Zealand Open Slopestyle
    • 2006: 1st, U.S. Grand Prix Slopestyle
    • 2005: 1st, U.S. Grand Prix Halfpipe