Every year Snowboarder Magazine announces their "Rider of The Year" Award by ranking the top ten. This year Snowboarder Magazine named Shaun White the "Rider of The Year" based on his insane season, winning every contest he entered, including a Gold Medal in the Olympics.

Eero Ettala, Nicolas Muller, Travis Rice and JP Walker placed second, third, fifth, and tenth giving Oakley five of the top ten finishers. After such a solid showing in Snowboarder Magazine, Oakley’s Chris Hotell had this to say, "Having 5 of the top 10 riders on the Snowboarder Magazine Rider of the Year list is a huge honor for Oakley. We are stoked that we have the opportunity to work with the best snowboarders in the world, and are fortunate to have a product that the best athletes in the world genuinely want to wear. This has been an awesome year for Oakley."

Official Rankings From Snowboarder Magazine:

  1. Shaun White
  2. Eero Ettala
  3. Nicolas Muller
  4. Travis Rice
  5. JP Walker
  6. Travis Rice
  7. JP Walker


Staff Writer


December 08, 2006