Tracking Eero: Russia Videos

Eero Rail Russia

Russia man, that place, I don’t even know where to start. It was really cool going to Russia, very random, you feel like going way back in time when you are there. Everything looks old and exploded, but it’s so perfect for jibbing and the coolest scenery ever! We gathered a great crew of riders to go on this jib mission, including Eiki Helgason, Erik Botner and myself.

We ended up going to this old mine town called Kirovsk, but we didn’t really have too much info about the town and even less about the spots we ended up finding. There was so much snow in the city, which really made our trip happen.

Eero Ettala

Music – The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With A Movie Camera

Basically after seeing all the snow banks, we were kind of over doing basic rail jibbing and concentrated on doing some other cool urban stuff from roof gaps to bomb drops and so on. We had a really motivated crew and the vibe on the trip was good, we filmed only four days, but got a lot of footage.

Scariest thing on this trip was snowboarding on that shut down industrial area that looked like it was bombed years ago. Just walking around that area was sketchy; I would always think the roofs and building were going to collapse.

Eero Ettala

Music- Portishead – Sour Times
Riders: Eero Ettala, Eiki Helgason, Erik Botner


Eero Ettala


February 03, 2010