Bjorn Leines grew up in the great Midwest; Big Lake, MN to be exact with his partner in crime and pro snowboarding brother Erik Leines. Learning to shred in such a notoriously flat region of the country, Bjorn honed his skills in pipe and park initially, joining the Oakley family in 1995. Bjorn burst onto the scene with numerous top five finishes at several major contests and multiple standout video parts.

Bjorn made a name for himself by being a very diverse rider, from rails to pipe to park to backcountry. Bjorn’s style is best described as super clean, but uniquely strong which allowed for him to be the most photographed rider in 2000 and earned him the last part in Video Gangs in 2003, as well as Volcom’s newest video “Escramble”.

Bjorn is responsible for pushing all the different disciplines of snowboarding. At the beginning of 2000 rail riding was just coming into it’s own, and Bjorn was at the forefront of that progression. A great example of that progressive style was showcased in winning the Red Bull Heavy Metal contest in Portland, OR. Just as his rail sessions were being documented in videos, so was his backcountry exploits. Charging first descents and gaps, Bjorn was documenting what was and is truly possible in open terrain.

Currently, Bjorn resides in Utah with his wife and child. He and brother Eric have started their own glove company called Celtek. In addition Bjorn now leads the charge of Rome SDS as one of their top riders, so be on the lookout for Bjorn’s next big move.

Q & A

  1. If you were not a pro snowboarder you would be

    An engineer maybe

  2. Favorite Films

    Ace Venture Pet Detective

  3. If you could be someone famous, who would you be

    Bruce Lee

  4. Favorite Books

    Spiritual Man

  5. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump

    ROCKY Soundtrack

  6. What is more important to you than snowboarding

    Family and GOD

  7. Who / What inspires you

    Peaceful Warriors and Truth seekers

  8. Favorite Bands

    Holy Cross hip hop label

  9. To me, Oakley is

    Thinkers outside of the box

  10. Favorite Drink


  11. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)

    Design Snowboard stuff, gloves and boards

  12. What move / trick are you working on

    Fronstide 1080's

  13. Any last words

    Seek freedom from desire.

  14. When did you start your sport

    13 years old

  15. Favorite TV Shows

    History channel

  16. 5 Items I can't live without

    Kristin, Beart, Micaiah, Bible and Coffee machine.

  17. Party animal or mellow TV on the couch

    Mellow book on the couch

Bjorn Leines

Date of Birth:
March 27, 1977
Big Lake, Minnesota. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah
Rome Snowboards, Volcom, DC Shoes and Celtek.

Career Highlights

    • Owner CELTEK snowboard gloves, Pro model snowboard for 5 years, Signature forum boot 2002 and 2003 and sponsored by OAKLEY since 1995
    • 2004: 4th place Xgames Slopestyle, featured in video games Xgames 1 and 2 and Xbox amped
    • 2003: Last part Video Gangs movie and 2nd place Mammoth west coast invitational
    • 2002: 1st place Redbull heavy metal
    • 2001: 1st place Quarter pipe contest
    • 2000: #2 Snowboarder Topten list, Tws best video part, Rider of the year, #1 Photographed rider, 1st place red bull contest and 4th place xgames slopestyle
    • 1999: Snowboarder #2 top Ten List
    • 1998: Olympic qualifyer Nagano, Japan. Snowboarders riders poll #2 and 3rd ploace games big air