Three Days With Jake and Nico At Chatter Creek

Nico Checks The Drop In Line And Jake Approves

Lodge Life at Chatter Creek was really settling into a groove as the last guests of the season were sent off in a helicopter. And shortly after that the final media crew of the season cancelled, which meant Oakley Snowboarding had three completely private days riding in a zone with over 58,000 acres of terrain ahead of them. And Jake and Nico took full advantage of that opportunity, plus the camera crews had smiles from ear to ear following them on the hill.

The media crew on this trip includes T-Bird and Oli Gagnon from Snowboarder Magazine, Justin from Absinthe Films who is filming for the upcoming release Where Now, Greg and Sandy from Friday Productions shooting a Jake Blauvelt TV series for FUEL TV, and photographer Cole Barash. Plus snowboard legend Shin Campos who helped put the whole trip together and keep it going during the week.

The big crew has been moving from pillow to feature to tree run, and documenting the riding and dynamics of two amazing snowboarders Jake Blauvelt from Vermont and Nicolas Muller from Switzerland.

Shooting in British Columbia has so much to offer, the amazing backdrops and infinite options for riding cool features. Include a snowcat and snowmobiles to take you back up the hill after each run will keep the blood flowing. Avalanche danger is very high this season so the scare factor has kept us to the lower elevations. Which has been no problem as there are so many zones that you can ride in any conditions.

Nicolas has been having some of his best runs ever snowboarding for fun and getting some shots along the way. Nico stomped a switch pow turn to cab 540 of a cliff, switch backside 720 off a cat track, numerous clean lines through the pillows, and a jaw dropping ollie up to a pillow to power turn off a major cliff step down 360. And could possibly have been the coolest thing we have ever seen on a snowboard.

Jake came to Chatter Creek straight after his 5 weeks in Alaska filming with Absinthe Films. And was so stoked to ride pillow lines and natural features every day while his TV series and film part got longer this week no doubt. Landing a cab 540 with the most narrow take off over a cliff line, the sickest backside 360 off a hip feature, and dropping pillows and rock bands with Nico has been a treat for him.

Look for Nicolas Muller keeping it slow and low and Jake Blauvelt enjoying a great year of powder riding this Fall Season in Snowboarder Magazine, Absinthe Films, and on FUEL TV. Their riding will not disappoint, and shows us all what snowboarding is really all about.

Riding powder with friends.