Danny Kass Commandeers Oakley


Nothing makes a Monday feel like a Friday then a nice little surprise. Some people get roses sent to them, and some get chocolates, but we here at Oakley were fortunate enough to get Danny Kass. To what could we attribute such a delightful surprise from the newest addition to the eyewear team. We would like to think it’s because we’re fun to hang out with, but the reality of it is, Danny came into start working on the development of his upcoming signature Oakley goggle… and to blow a few things up while he was at it.

After rolling into the office around 10:30 in the morning, Danny and the Oakley crew wasted no time and dove straight into the lens-manufacturing department. Learning about how Oakley lenses can be shot with a shotgun and remain intact definitely kept Danny’s attention, and it wasn’t long before he commandeered the high pressure air gun so he could fire ball bearings at "find out ANSI speed" and test the lenses for himself. After three failed attempts to blow up an Oakley lens, Danny was over it. That’s when he decided to put a few of the competitor sunglasses to the test. "Shooting Oakley lenses is boring because nothing happens to them; the real fun is shooting the competitor sunglasses because they just blow up"

Since Oakley produces most of its sunglasses and goggles here at the headquarters, Danny was able to get a first hand look at the attention that goes into every product that leaves the factory doors. It was a full hour of learning the ins and outs of Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics (HDO), and that was all before lunch.

After information overload, we were all spent, and it was about that time to wrap it up. Danny’s signature goggle is in the works now and is shaping up to be a sick addition to our signature goggle line-up. Stay tuned and remember to always thermonuclear protect yourself.