Last Day of Practice Peaks w/ Terje Soaring Eight-Meters High


The last three days of practice have been absolutely insane, from the opening days seven-meter air courtesy of the young ripper Manuel Pietropoli of Italy, to Haakon’s ridiculous eight-meter method this afternoon. I guess the young guns have something to shoot for as Haakon sets the bar for amplitude with the first day of the contest beginning tomorrow.

As mentioned before, The Oakley Arctic Challenge this year is highlighted and driven by the Science of Transition in building the largest Quarterpipe. Typically Quarterpipes are not built at Ski Resorts due to many people not knowing how to shape the proper transition or having enough educated snowboarders riding it. Terje, the Viking King of Transition Riding has taken it upon himself to develop and perfect the largest and smoothest Quarterpipe in the world.

The result has been hands down the best three days of practice anyone has ever seen at an event. TAC is unlike any other contest in that Terje caters to the riders’ needs, interests and overall experience while in Norway for the weeklong event. Each rider is given a nice hotel room to stay in within internet, great meals, fun entertaining nights out in downtown Oslo, and mellow start times to session the Quarterpipe each day.

Derek Heidt, veteran Oakley Sports Marketing Manager of Canada had this to say about the event, “TAC has been the – Must Be Invited Too Event of The Year – ever since it first started. There is a 10-meter trick in the air this year and everyone can feel it on site. Terje Haakonsen and Pat Moore were both going for it today in practice… and they still had more to give, you could tell they were holding out for the finals. By the end of this year’s event, Sports Marketing Managers Matty Swanson, Lasse Anderson and Chris Hotell will no longer have to carry the Oakley Gold Watch… its going to be handed out! In addition, the arena branding this year is the most insane ever. I mean there is a 12 meter high Oakley Viking Sword stabbed through the back of the damn thing! The atmosphere of the riders is super positive, the quarter is perfect thanks to Viking science and I think the warm temperatures will play a huge role in the 10 meter air going down. 2007 is the year it is going to happen!”

Oakley’s top team rider highlights have been 15 year old, Matt Ladley of Steamboat Springs, CO being personally tapped by Terje to join the man in the open division of Saturday’s Main Event. Matt was originally invited last minute under the Protest Rookie Jam Wildcard when he placed third at the last stop of the US Grand Prix in Tamarack, ID. Matt now shares the honor of youngest invited rider to compete in the Main Event with non-other than Shaun White. Other highlights included 17 year old, crazy boy Dustin Craven who was boosting six-meter backside 360 crail grabs with more style than the new Apple iPhone. Hailing all the way from down under, Jacob Koia has been killing it softly with his lofty backside japan airs, as he warms up for the Main Event on Saturday.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2007 looks to be the best one yet and it is only a matter of time before the Golden Oakley Time Bomb Watch is on a talented riders wrist. The fact that The Challenge is showcasing a new generation of young riders each year makes it even more special. The biggest snowboard event in Scandinavia has the largest Quarterpipe in world built and organized by Terje Haakonsen. Who has made sure that we have the perfect transition QP for the biggest airs and most spectacular tricks!” stated Lasse Anderson, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager of Scandinavia.

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Matt Murray


March 01, 2007