• Ben Fee Reports In From TAC & Day 2 Photos


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    Practices usually suck. And are boring. Everyone can attest. USUALLY. USUALLY. For the 10th year of The Oakley Arctic Challenge, even the weather is Oslo was cooperating in hopes for seeing some time bomb watch-scooping airs. Most of the all time heavy hitters were in their heavy hitting’s heaviest on Tuesday and Wednesday. The man who started the event last decade, Terje Haakonsen, wasted no time in attempting to claim what is rightfully his: the title.

  • Day One of TAC - The Perfect Shape


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    The first day of practice saw powder turns and the past / present / future of snowboarding all come together. Oslo has been receiving significant snowfall for the past month straight and it has not let up. The result has given the new venue at Linderudkollen a warm white glow to its densely wooded forest backdrop.

  • Travis Rice Pulls Out As More Legends Arrive To TAC 2009


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    As many now know Travis Rice has been on a whirlwind of travel and shredding that has left his body pretty beaten. And after a severe crash at Winter X Games that would have left most riders out for the season, Travis is going on vacation. See crash here

Terje Haakonsen


"Oakley is not afraid to do things differently! They don't look to others, but do their own thing. And I think they make the really good goggles and sunglasses."

Date of Birth:
November 10, 1974
Stovner, "Gnorwaii"
Burton, Oakley, Volcom and Sweet Protection.

Career Highlights

    • 7x Winner of Mt. Baker Banked Slalom
    • World Record Holder of Quarterpipe Air: 9.8 meters
    • Creator of Halfpipe Trick: The Haakon Flip
    • 5x European Championships Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x U.S. Open Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x ISF Word Championship Halfpipe Winner
    • 2009: Best Trick Red Bull Snowscrapers
    • 2008: TWS Standout Performance of the Year
    • Founded The Arctic Challenge snowboard event
    • Founded Ticket to Ride (World Snowboard Tour)
    • Best Method Style