• The Arctically Challenged 10th Anniversary


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    To jump or not to jump…

  • Partying w/ Terje at TAC 2009


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    The best part of TAC is the fact that being a rider or staff member of the event, one gets to live the life of snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen. TAC is truly about enjoying life as Mr. Haakonsen sees and experiences the world, which is a very special thing indeed. Unlike most contests that are all about, “Flights, Contest Formats and Hotel Rooms,” says Terje. “We want the riders to experience more and stay fresh, whether that is days off skating, playing some football or just enjoying the city they are visiting.”

  • Ullr Brings Snow To "Classic Air" Contest


    Posted over 5 years ago by Ben Fee

    It was the first judged day of the tenth annual The Oakley Arctic Challenge, and characters came from all nooks and crannies to see what was to go bounding from atop the lip-even Ullr, the norse god of snow. That zealous bastard poked his nose into the day’s business from the get go, and made sure speed was an issue for most of the day. It’s nice of him to think that fresh snow was wanted, but it was bad timing. It pretty much groped nuts.

Terje Haakonsen


"Oakley is not afraid to do things differently! They don't look to others, but do their own thing. And I think they make the really good goggles and sunglasses."

Date of Birth:
November 10, 1974
Stovner, "Gnorwaii"
Burton, Oakley, Volcom and Sweet Protection.

Career Highlights

    • 7x Winner of Mt. Baker Banked Slalom
    • World Record Holder of Quarterpipe Air: 9.8 meters
    • Creator of Halfpipe Trick: The Haakon Flip
    • 5x European Championships Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x U.S. Open Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x ISF Word Championship Halfpipe Winner
    • 2009: Best Trick Red Bull Snowscrapers
    • 2008: TWS Standout Performance of the Year
    • Founded The Arctic Challenge snowboard event
    • Founded Ticket to Ride (World Snowboard Tour)
    • Best Method Style