• 10 Riders Confirmed At The Oakley Artic Challenge


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    10 Riders Confirmed At The 2010 Oakley Arctic Challenge The snowboard community is gathering in Oslo on New Years. The Oakley Arctic Challenge is pleased to announce our first ten confirmed riders for the 2010 event. These ten riders are some of the best all-around snowboards in the world hailing from Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and the US: Andreas Ygre Wiig, Torstein Horgmo, Mikkel Bang, Eero Ettala, Antti Autti, Peetu Piiroinen, Charles Reid, Sebastiant Toutant, Jake Blauvelt and Chas Guldemond.

  • TAC Announces 2010 Event And Prize Money

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    As TAC is expanding with slopestyle this season, the prize money is increasing to $120,000 dollars. 24 riders will be exclusively invited with all local costs covered. Additional 16 riders will be invited to fill up the action.

  • Video: The Finals at 2009 TAC


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    An edit of the final day at The Oakley Arctic Challenge. Check out Terje, Risto, Ladley and Longo as they brave the weather and hit the perfectly shaped 10 meter quarterpipe. A complete TV program showcasing the 2009 competition and highlights from a decade of events is coming this Fall. Stay tuned for more edits and updates.

Terje Haakonsen


"Oakley is not afraid to do things differently! They don't look to others, but do their own thing. And I think they make the really good goggles and sunglasses."

Date of Birth:
November 10, 1974
Stovner, "Gnorwaii"
Burton, Oakley, Volcom and Sweet Protection.

Career Highlights

    • 7x Winner of Mt. Baker Banked Slalom
    • World Record Holder of Quarterpipe Air: 9.8 meters
    • Creator of Halfpipe Trick: The Haakon Flip
    • 5x European Championships Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x U.S. Open Halfpipe Winner
    • 3x ISF Word Championship Halfpipe Winner
    • 2009: Best Trick Red Bull Snowscrapers
    • 2008: TWS Standout Performance of the Year
    • Founded The Arctic Challenge snowboard event
    • Founded Ticket to Ride (World Snowboard Tour)
    • Best Method Style