• Snowboarding and Environmental Awareness Star in Marie-France Roy's "The Little Things"


    Posted 11 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    You know Marie-France Roy (or MFR) as the female backcountry slayer who has seemingly no limitations on her talent. And you should know her for that part of her portfolio. She’s also all about living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. (We like and support that part of her existence too!) In her new film project, “The Little Things,” MFR paired the two parts of her life in one cohesive bit of movie-making artistry. Imagine that: a snowboarding movie with a message.

  • Working For A Living: Dropping In At Snow Park


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Matty Swanson

    Cabin fever had set in to the highest degree after a four day storm took over the North and South islands. But sun finally broke out and the Oakley snow team ran for the hills! And ended up at Snow Park ski and snowboard freestyle resort between Wanaka and Queenstown in New Zealand.

  • Snow or Shine: Women's Snow Team At Cardrona


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Matty Swanson

    There is one thing that rings true for all snow athletes is their drive for just wanting to get out on the hill. And this week was a true test of their spirits and Oakley’s women’s snow team was doing their best to work with the weather. After 4 days of waiting in their apartment in Wanaka New zealand it was time to get out and make the best of the weather.

Marie-France Roy

Date of Birth:
April 17, 1984
Les Eboulements, Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
Oakley, APO, Swatch, Sosh, Blue Tomato, Thirty-Two, Etnies, Recco, TSG protections, Recco, Buff, Keep a Breast

Career Highlights

    • 2014: 1st, Mt. Baker Banked Slalom Pro Women Division
    • 2005: 1st, Nikita Showdown Slopestyle
    • 2005: 1st + Best Trick, Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle
    • 2005: 4th, U.S. Open Rail Jam
    • 2004: Best Trick, U.S. Open Rail Jam