X Games Winner Steve Fisher


Steve Fisher qualified for The Oakley Arctic Challenge (TAC) by winning the quarterpipe qualifier at the Breckenridge Grand Prix in December. Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis (2nd and 3rd in Breckenridge) are already confirmed, and the TAC crew is proud to have all podium winners at the event.

It seems that Steve Fisher is copying his amazing 2004 season where he, among other things, won the X Games superpipe and came in second at both TAC and US Open Superpipe events. This year he is on fire again; winning the X Games and the Grand Prix, as well as the Grand Prix quarterpipe qualifier in Breckenridge.

In 2004, Steve was killing it at the quarterpipe in TAC as well, but unfortunately he got injured during the competition and had to sit out. The TAC crew is exited to see what Steve can do at this year’s event when he is joining one of the best quarterpipe riders list in the event’s history. The last qualifier is going down in Varingskollen this upcoming weekend: The Transition Mission ’07. Three riders will enter TAC through the Transition Mission ’07. Terje Haakonsen will announce a few wildcards after the qualifier, totaling 24 riders for TAC.

Confirmed riders as of today:

Terje Haakonsen
Henning Marthinsen (2006 winner)
Steve Fisher (qualified)
Kevin Pearce (qualified)
Danny Davis (qualified)
Mason Aguirre (wildcard)
Pat Moore (wildcard)
Janne Korpi (TTR Top 10 2006)
Torstein Horgmo (injured, TTR Top Ten 2006)
Arthur Longo (wildcard)
Gian Simmen (TTR Top 10 2006, previous TAC QP winner)
JJ Thomas (wildcard)
Fumyuki Murakami (wildcard)
Takato Taniguchi (wildcard)
Manuel Pietropoli (wildcard)
Dimi De Jong (rookie)


Staff Writer


February 14, 2007