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The last two weeks were mentally and physically challenging on many different levels. Trying to save ones sanity while traveling for two weeks with the Reasons/Hunting Yeti tour is a task for the belligerently drunk or the saintly yogi possessing uncanny Jedi strength for resisting temptation. I meddled with the two but ended up in the middle ground. My yogi belly grew from ingesting road and airport food and considering I can hardly remember the beginning of the tour it is safe to assume my liver took a hard hit from copious consumption of the sauce. All told, I didn’t fall victim to the dregs of the day after PAD’ing(Post Alcohol Depression)which usually inhibits the functionality of the body as a bloody mary usually just combed over the initial ill feelings. Mary, you bloody outdid yourself when you made that concoction!

Each venue was very unique and I could tell many stories about each stop that would be very entertaining but the truth is, i would end up writing a novel which would take too much of your precious time and could bore you since you weren’t there and could be a little bit jealous. I will on the other hand indulge you a bit and tell one per stop.

I started the tour in Portland at a place called McMinnimins, where the theater is littered with comfy couches and local brews are on tap and encouraged to consume along with fresh made pizza and popcorn. The entire Nimbus crew showed up(sans Benchetler-he must not have gotten the memo) complete with special edition Nike Nimbus Dunks!!!

We then hit up Hood River. Pizza and pitchers also flowed like the salmon of Capistrano and we all proceeded to consume heavily. The after party moved to a bar where the incredibly talented director/editor of Nimbus Ind. and artist extraordinaire Eric Pollard exhibited his work. * shameless plug* check out Sometime during the evening I somewhat, maybe, I’m not sure, but I could have possibly offered Eric $1000 for one of his magnificent works…oops…shhhhh… don’t tell him, I think he forgot. Anyway, moving on as I don’t want to share what may or may not have taken place the next morning at breakfast when Scotty suddenly disappeared, leaving his sausage, egg and cheese sando for Cody to commandeer in his absence, of which he didn’t return. Upon exiting the cafe we noticed some unidentifiable substance blanketing the sidewalk.

Cody, Ross and I travelled to Sandpoint, ID where despite the total population of 8,000, the show was packed with ski enthusiasts ready for some action. It probably helped that one of the movies was filmed solely at Schweitzer moutain (PBP’s Jib Jam) so they were more then obligated and stoked to show their support. One quote from this night made my evening and it was from an older lady who had to be in her 60’s. To set this up, she came up to Spriggs I believe and said, “this movie better be good because I couldn’t go skiing up at Schweitzer for a week because of you guys.” During the second intermission she appeared all smiles and confessed with candor, “I’ve been watching Warren Miller for decades and this movie(Reasons and Hunting Yeti) was way better.” The evening culminated with the raffle off of a pair of K2 Disorderlies which were happily accepted by a cute young girl…check out the stoke…

Spokane came next. Fun! Went home for a couple days before heading to The Meeting held by Aspen Resort. By this time I’m contemplating using some sort of restraint ie. will power not to drink because all I want is to get into the gym as I’m feeling like a beer guzzling lard ass. Enter left stage, golfing gratis courtesy of Aspen. I arrive at my cart to find a cooler of beer and 3 eager golfer/drinkers. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em right? I figure I can have a few and still make it to the gym which I mention to my cart mate OC from Redbull. By the tenth hole we’ve polished about 6 a piece at which point someone aka. Zack has the bright idea that shots are in order…enter right stage…cart girl. 6 holes, 3 beers and 2 more shots later, we are too busy pulling pranks on each other to notice we should be playing golf. One of the pranks being loosening the straps that secure the golf bags to the carts so when the gas is depressed the bags fall off. OC and I were in hysterics. By the 16th hole we all tossed in our hats, returned the carts and headed for our hotel. By this time, drunk may be an understatement. Did I still go to the hotel gym? Yes. Did my sweat smell like alcohol? Yes. Did I feel like vomiting? Yes. Did I vomit? No. Did I feel great afterward? You bet your sweet ass! The rest of the week was a breeze after that. Despite TGR not being there, all the ski movies rocked this year! I was thoroughly impressed. If you like ski/snowboard flicks and want to see some cray action and Planet Earth style videography check out That’s It That’s All by Travis Rice…NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!

I went home for a couple days, slept for 18hrs or so and flew to Bozeman, Mt. I was under the impression I wasn’t going to be the only athlete at these next couple of stops. Wroooong. Sitting at a table signing posters alone feels a little pompous. After people got the courage to approach the table, I signed all the posters I could and truly made some people’s day. I usually can’t say that because most kids don’t say much and don’t show any sign of emotion that they really want a poster of me but that was not the case here. Kids were all smiles, gave me praise and tried their best to convince me to come up to Bridger and Big Sky. The light in a couple of their eyes really made me feel special as they were not expecting me to show up. The movies played, the people cheered, we threw out tons of free goodies. For the skis give-a-way I decided to have a dance contest for the girls only since they were woman’s skis. The stage was packed with eager dancers. The short and long of it. Girls starting grinding me and grabbing me and trying to bribe me for the top three spots. What do you do in that situation? After it was narrowed down to three girls, basically random since it was so hectic, thongs were shown and old school moves were battling it out. Thongs won. The after party consisted of karaoke, chocolate cake shots, tequila, and an atm that didn’t need a credit card to access it’s plunders…

Missoula was next on the agenda. At 7pm when the doors opened there was one solo supporter. Quite a turn out I thought. A couple other groups trickled in and were bound to be awarded lot of free stuff by default. About the time the movie was due to show, the masses arrived and it turned out to contend with the rest of the shows. The movies wrapped up without anything too humorous or exciting happened. Then it was onto the Tophat where a 5 dollar cover was paid at which point you are handed a cup for unlimited draft beer until 1am. After arriving there I was approached by a semi-intoxicated skier who upon meeting me asked if I had tried the bong water. I replied, no I don’t think I’ve ever indulged? Who would in their right mind try bong water right? It turns out it’s a locally brewed beer which was quite tasty and not very reminiscent of the real thing, not that I would know what It would conceivably taste like anyway.

Last but not least the next show was pretty tame considering the turnout but quite frankly I was pretty burned out and ready to get back to good ol’ Salt Lake City. The show was absolutely packed and we had more stuff to give away then any of the previous shows including three pairs of skis. Signing autographs took about 3 hours of which I signed more random stuff then I have ever including shoes, hats, skis and lots of alpine initiatives t-shirts which I am proud to say is a great cause and a positive way to give back. Thanks to all who bought a shirt. If you don’t know about Alpine Initiatives it is a non-profit coalition of skiers and snow sport enthusiasts spearheaded by JP Auclair, Mike Hovey and Chad Fleicher who’s aim is to help kids without hope. To learn more and be a part of something great go to The group is currently in Kenya working to build a community home for orphans and need all the donations they can get. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated!

If you were able to make it to the end of this then you are most likely reading this. Thankfully I made it through the havoc of the last couple of weeks. One more shameless plug for as we just released our 5th and final webisode that documents the fun Nimbus Independent had this summer on our travels to the Southern Hemisphere. Check it out at for free viewing. Big ups to South America Snowsession for all of their help and being the best summer camp ever! Now I get to relax a little and plan my adventure for next season! I hope you got some good laughs and will join me on next years tour. Cheers! And some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pep Fujas


October 18, 2008